Blank Greeting Cards

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Kat Lendacka is a professional printmaker working in Northamptonshire, originally from The Czech Republic. Kat's work is bold and beautiful and she applies this style to the subject of animals and birds both wild and domesticated.

Tracey English is a freelance illustrator from South West London. Tracey's collages are made using hand painted tissue paper. Full of colour and beauty Tracey's illustrations are perfect as cards. 

Judith Stroud lives and works in Wales and has a love of making things especially through the medium of printmaking. These three designs are monotypes which make beautiful cards.

David Barnes was born in Africa and spent his early childhood there. He began paining in 2008 and has not looked back since then. Inspired by the Welsh landscape, his work captures the colours and textures of this wild countryside perfectly.

Este MacLeod's paintings are informed by the real and the imaginary. Her background in textile and ceramic design is noticeable in the colourful stylised forms used in still life, landscape and floral paintings. Although shapes are distorted and altered, there is a strong sense of the familiar. The variety of techniques Este uses to layer colour and shapes adds an ethereal element to her work.

Nate Duval is an American illustrator and printmaker based in Massachusetts. Nate's style is total unique and his off beat take on the world shines beautifully through his work. Nate has a long list of high profile clients who recognise his talent for merchandise creation. We are very happy to present this selection of stunning images as cards.


Ruth Packham's beautiful needlefelt creatures are the subject of this range of cards. Ruth started her artistic career with a degree in fine art and has worked in print and video as well as felt. Ruth uses her insight and talent to create work from her many inspirations. Joy!

We are so pleased to present seven cards by artist Charlie O'Sullivan. These are examples of Charlie's recent work, focussed on the subject of mapping memories onto landscapes and including relevant figures from her own memories and those of others. Charlie O'Sullivan has established herself as perhaps the most significant artist to emerge from the South West in recent years. 

Annie Soudain trained at Canterbury College of Art. Her main craft has always been lino-printing, in which she employs four different techniques. Her second craft is wax-resist painting on silk, using fabric dyes. Annie draws her inspiration from the play of light on landscape and other natural forms.


Ian Phillips is an internationally renowned printmaker known best for his stunning linocut prints of the Welsh landscape which he has been hand printing for over twenty years. He specialises in consecutive series of prints taken from drawings done while walking long distance footpaths or exploring particular areas of scenic beauty.

We have our first cards by young printmakers, Lily Phillips and Theo Phillips aged 11. We hope you agree these are wonderful prints and make excellent cards.

Tessa Horrocks is a printmaker who makes original prints using the 'intaglio' technique collagraph. Influenced by microscopic structures and nature she likes to create images about little worlds within worlds, often describing feelings and energies inside her self and to her surroundings. She enjoys the technique collagraph for its simplicity and its textures and has used this to create a series of recent prints celebrating the pebble.


Jay Seabrook is a British printmaker based in Leicestershire. Her love of the countryside is evident within the beautiful collagraphs she creates. 

Jan Brewerton is a painter, printmaker, designer and maker. She is an artist working within and across a diverse range of visual media. Individual works begin as close studies of everyday domestic objects then these motifs are tranformed using colour, cutting and collage.

Kyoko Nemoto is a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work features a sweet and simplistic illustration style adorning book covers and calendars. We look forward to featuring more of her work soon.
Liz Myhill is a Scottish artist whose observational works span a wide range of subject matter, gathered through working directly from life. The act of walking, watching and recording numerous facets, whether fleeting or through lengthy study, allow her to gain a connection and sense of place. Although often an end in themselves, these field works are also developed into paintings and printmaking.



Michèle Brown is an artist living in Cornwall, UK and works in collage, printmaking, painting, digital media and photography. Michèle was trained at the London College of Printing and the Wimbledon School of Art.

Carl and Sandra Bryant, a self-educated artist team, began glass mosaic work in 2001 after many years of oil painting and creating hand made tiles. They create glass and ceramic tile mosaics for commercial, public and residential spaces. We have selected a few examples of their work to include in our greeting card range.



Sophie Robins is an established mosaic artist based in Nottingham. Originally trained in the knitwear industry as a designer, she found a natural transition to mosaic. Furthermore her mosaic work makes a natural transition into cards.